Dipped Blue

I found the time to participate in Kids Clothes Week again!  This is my second time as a participant and this quarter was Summer season, in keeping with the purpose of Kids Clothes Week I sewed for my kids one hour a day over seven days from the 21-27 July.  This season the theme was 'Kid Art'!

There were many great posts on Kids Clothes Week...like this one here and here and here...that inspired my 'Kid Art' choices.  

Today I wanted to show you some t-shirts I made my boys.  Not only did I make the t-shirts but I dip-dyed them in indigo dye and then used TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) to iron-on some interesting art work.  This Transfer paper is the best I've ever used, it stays on and gets softer the more it is washed.

MrT's shirt was made using my soon to be released Tri-Raglan t-shirt.  I have had this one in development since December last year and I have sewn up soooo many versions that it feels old hat to me.  It's a great raglan and has a sweet design feature where the centre back seams meet in a triangle!  It looks very cool.  It is of course made for knits and I used a cotton interlock with approximately 30% stretch, in a plain white - why is white always soooo hard to find where I live?  I pounced on this when I saw it and have purchased about 6 metres - happy girl!

After I made up the basic long sleeve version of the Tri-Raglan I wanted to embellish it.  I knew exactly the look I wanted, having been inspired by this post in the lead up on Kids Clothes Week.  This photo group in particular...

 Photo sourced from http://blog.kidsclothesweek.com/2014/06/inspiration-summer-colors/

Photo sourced from http://blog.kidsclothesweek.com/2014/06/inspiration-summer-colors/

I mixed up some indigo dye and then took a deep breath - why does dyeing terrify me so???  I looked up ombre dyeing techniques and loosely followed this guide to get my result.  Not sure if it was my dye or my technique but the colour didn't come out quite as vibrant or ombre in the final product.  But, I'm happy with it as my first attempt.

 A few 'crude' photos of my process.

A few 'crude' photos of my process.

After I dip dyed, washed and dried the t-shirt, it was time to embellish. I was going with a bit of a nautical theme.  I wanted to match a pair of Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts/Pants I made in a lovely soft, drapey and slouchy rayon.  Also made for Kids Clothes Week, I'll talk about them more in another post.  So I picked a Kraken and was inspired by the Black Rum Kraken picture, to give credit where credit is due.  I came up with a cheeky slogan that I knew would suit MrT down to the ground 'Kraken Day!' and added it to the t-shirt.  I printed both on my TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) and ironed it on.  I have used TAP heaps of times, very successfully, but for some reason this time it only randomly took.  So some spots went on dark and clear and other parts didn't attach at all!!!!  I was soooo disappointed.  However, when I stood back and looked at it, it looked ok.  My husband even said that it reminded him of the very expensive t-shirts you buy at the surf shops - great - I was appeased (smart man). 

 The light was fast disappearing as we took the photos, so they are very shadowy and blue...very blue 

The light was fast disappearing as we took the photos, so they are very shadowy and blue...very blue 

MrT loved it and didn't want to take it off.  I get such a kick out of them enjoying what I make.  

Even Daddy got in on the act, modelling with MrT - mainly to keep him interested in the photo.  I love these shots though - so relaxed and happy.  The necklaces in the photos are Pray4Trax - you can read the story about those and purchase them here.  It is a heartwarming story and I love knowing my money is going to help a child.  

Xman's t-shirt was made using the basic, long sleeve version of the newly released Adventure Tee from Go To Patterns as their contribution to the Pattern Anthology collection.  These patterns come on sale about four times a year and are on release for short periods of time, two weeks I think, as a bundle at a reduced price.  But don't worry, you can still buy the pattern at the regular price from the designers online shops. 

 I even had to dry it hanging upside down over a bucket.  

I even had to dry it hanging upside down over a bucket.  

After I sewed the shirt I dip dyed it too.  I did XMan's straight after MrT's.  This part always terriffies me and this time rightly so!!!  I had this brilliant idea to dip dye the top half of XMan's shirt and I did this after dying MrT's - I totally hadn't thought about the fact that I had dye dripped down the sides of the bucket, so as I dipped XMan's shirt in some of the dye attached itself further down the shirt - not the look I was after.  So after I let it drip dry for awhile.  I washed the shirt and then made up a paste in Napisan (it was all I had) to see if I could remove the dye I didn't want.  It worked about 85% successfully and is now hardly noticeable - phew!  See, terrifying!  Such a first world problem...

XMan had drawn a shark, and it was pretty fabulous - such an artist - yes, biased!!  You better believe it!  So I scanned in his picture and printed it on TAP too.  I had the same issues with attaching it as I did with MrT's shirt.  I wonder if it was the dye, or maybe it was that I've had that TAP paper open and out of it's packet for awhile... who knows.  They've been washed and what did adhere has stayed on, so I'm happy with that. 


I love the way XMan goofed up his photos with the shark hat.  He's such a diva, if you'd only seen him throwing a tantrum mere seconds before these photos about not knowing what his surprise was going to be for modelling AGAIN for Mummy...he he, doesn't it defeat the purpose if you know what your surprise is??  So black and white at this age...wait till they figure out how many shades of grey life has in store for them.  But bless him, I started taking photos and the allure of being caught on film forever was too much to keep his sad face on, the happy extrovert bounced back.  Thankfully!


Be back with some other goodies from my sew up for Kids Clothes Week.  I am in the snow this week and whilst everyone else is out skiing, I intend to be catching up on some reading, knitting, embroidery, hexie sewing and maybe a spot of blog reading and writing - all over good coffee and a warm fireplace.  I promise to send photos.  

Happy Sewing!


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