Introducing Katie from Wet Midwest, United States

Our first guest on the Run Jump Hop Skip Tour is the lovely Katie.  Katie kindly participated in the testing process and was keen to share her thoughts on the pattern.  Just before I hand over to Katie for the day, just a quick reminder to read all the way through Katie's post to find out how to enter the Run Jump Hop Skip Tour giveaway.  Thanks for stopping by!  Please welcome Katie...

Hi everyone!  I'm Katie from the lovely, and seriously wet, Midwest area of the United States.  Seriously, we have apparently broken a 130+ year old record of having the wettest Spring in my state.  I'm not impressed! Looking at my 'lakefront' property, I have decided that some of those records are better left unbroken.

Enough about that.  I'm a mother of two absolutely adorable children; an incredibly active 4-year old boy and a sweet, shy 1-year old girl.  I am a teacher for children with hearing loss during the school year and a stay-at-home mom over the summer.  I LOVE the variety the seasons bring!  I have been avidly sewing for the last four years, mostly in baby items; such as blankets, onesies, and cloth wipes - among other baby items.  I sell these in partnership with my mother, at our store BabyBlueJDesigns on Etsy.  I started sewing children's clothing this past year, shortly after the birth of my daughter, and I have decided that my kids look much better in the clothes I make for them.

I heard about Stitch it Now's Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts/Pants pattern through a pattern test call on Facebook.  Upon looking at Deb's pictures of the shorts on the Stitch it Now blog, I immediately signed up to test the pattern.  I had been looking for a shorts pattern to obtain for my son, who is tall, skinny and lacks a backside of any kind to hold shorts up easily.  Ever hear the joke about old men who have no backside left because they scratched it all off as they got older? My kid, is already there!

These shorts feature an elastic waistband in the back with a flat front, which appealed to me immediately.  It also features a faux fly, back pockets and topstitching details - putting together a fantastic looking pair of bottoms.  And just so your know, I was given this pattern for free as part of testing, but all opinions are my own.

I was asked to make two sizes - 1 and 3.  My son fit the measurements of the Size 3 fairly well, in addition to channeling Mr Gumby.  However, my daughter was slightly under the measurements for Size 1 but is chunkier in stature.  That said, we are a fluffy bum (cotton nappies) family, and I have always struggled to find cute shorts that accommodate the fluff well.  These shorts have extra room built in to Sizes 1 & 2 for nappy wearing children.  Deb's instructions also tell you how to take out the extra room if your Size 2 child doesn't need it.  I was hoping that these shorts would meet my kids' needs as well as satisfying my need for high quality, handmade clothes.

Final verdict?  These shorts ROCK!!

My kids LOVED their new shorts, and I was able to whip up four pairs in no time at all.  All four pairs turned out absolutely lovely.  My son loved his Fourth of July and Superhero shorts and my daughter looks adorable in her two new pairs.  They stay on my son's non-existant backside and are easy to put on over my daughter's fluffy bum.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Now, let's talk about what I like about the pattern.  I love the details that are embedded within the pattern: faux fly, top-stitching, pocket designs, and the flat front while offering an elastic back waistband.  My two most favourite features on the pattern are the top-stitching details throughout the pattern and the ability to embellish and decorate the back pockets.  The freedom to decorate the back pockets is probably my favourite part of the whole thing.

What a great way to add detail and personality to an item of clothing that your child will wear.  And before anyone asks, no, we don't like superheroes in our home ;-). Now, obviously, adding such detail and embellishments will make finishing the shorts/pants take longer, but I think it's worth it, even hand cranking out 10 circles on two back pockets. (Yes, I may have done that.)

Another fantastic feature?  These can be made into pants! Score!!!  Now, we are in the warm, and apparently soggy, season, so pants are not a necessity at this point.  Come Fall, I will definitely be adding pants to my children's wardrobes...and probably go just as crazy over the back pocket details.  I mean, really, how could you not?

Aren't these awesome looking shorts??

I think the pattern is a fantastic and easy sew for all abilities and levels, though I would recommend that this is not the first pattern you ever take on, if you've never sewn a pattern before.  The attention to detail and the addition of the faux fly does require a bit of skill, but truly, if you take your time and read the instructions carefully, you can pull together a great pair of shorts or pants.

Now go visit Deb's pattern release post to find out how to purchase your own Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts/Pants digital PDF Pattern.  While you are there make sure to enter the giveaway.  There's a chance to win your copy of the pattern, a fabric gift card or a metre of your choice of either a boy or girl inspired Japanese Echino Fabric.  I love giveaways, and you must LOVE giveaways too!  I don't expect any arguing from you, or I might try to give you a cookie...hey, it works for my kiddos :-).  

How's that for an awesome deal?  I think it's pretty sweet myself!

Be sure to stop back to check out what the rest of the Ladies have in store as we travel through the Run Jump Hop Skip Tour until 5 July.  There are some great pairs of shorts and pants out there with oodles of inspiration and tips and tricks that can assist you in your journey to create your own pair of Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts/Pants.  

Thanks for hosting me on Stitch it Now! 


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