Orange Crush

We love the colour orange at our place.  It is energy multiplied and screams happiness and fun.  To me it says 'I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way, with a smile!'.  We wear a lot of orange in our house.  It is amazing how powerful colour is on your psyche.

He was a little over the whole modelling show to start with and was not at all enthused. He did not want to put down his McDonalds Vanilla Milkshake, being a Mum I know how to improvise and keep everyone happy, it just became his prop.  When he realised I wasn't upset about it, he grabbed the hat and threw on the scarf. I love the way he draped it on, very avant-garde.  The poses are all his.  Love them!  I particularly love those ears peeking out from under his hat having been shoved down too far.  I suggested he lift it a little and he just raised his brows at me and kept sucking on his straw.

This boy is deep, he has a gentle soul and has definitely been here before.  He's smooth, he knows exactly what to say to the ladies.  I didn't teach him that and neither did his father - there is a lot to say about nature versus nurture.  At six, seven later this week, this boy is already into girls (he never went off them) and talks about getting married and having kids at 18, because he knows that's the legal age!!! I'm trying to convince him that he should travel and have a bit of a 'career' first.  His response 'Why can't I do that with my wife?'. Good question.  Will be interesting to see how this little boy morphs into a man and how much he will change.  He certainly has my heart.

These pants are made using the run jump hop skip pants again.  Not a lot to say, they are the basic pants with no variations this time.  Made with the most lusciously soft fine-wale orange corduroy, this fabric washed up so soft, it did not get stiff and crunchy at all.  Admittedly I did dry it in my dryer - it is part of my shrink process.

I made up the straight Size 8 again for MrT.  His measurements again are - height of 128cm (50.5") tall, with a waist of 60cm (23.6") and a hip of 63cm (24.6").   Not much more to say about that.  We've made these a few times now.

These pants are posted in the Stitch it Now Etsy Shop if you feel a child in your life needs their own little piece of orange happiness.

Be sure to say Hi if you drop by, I love a 'drop-in', especially virtual ones.  No embarassing bad hair days to worry about <Grin>.  You can keep up to date with all of Stitch it Now's happenings over at Bloglovin'.  


Deb Cameron

I am a stay at home Mum (SAHM). I have two beautiful boys who are now both at school. This crazy idea has been rattling around in my head since my boys were babes and I learnt all about the power and pleasure of 'nap time'. Oh the things I achieved during those two, sometime three, hour afternoon naps. This is my time to share a dream I have with you and maybe make your nap time a creative powerhouse too! A place where it is handmade with love and unique by you - Welcome!