Claiming my Bloglovin' Blog

Apparently to claim my blog on Bloglovin' I need to do this.  

Bloglovin' quite simply put is a place where you can link to all your favourite blogs.  Yes, you have to set up an account, it's free.  Then you can select blogs to add to your feed, so you never miss a post again.  You can read either by date order or by selecting your favourite blogs and scrolling through their recent posts.  You can like posts for reference later and even pin your favourite items to your Pinterest board.  Pinterest ... I'm assuming everyone knows what Pinterest is?? If you are not on Pinterest...well, that's another whole kettle of fish...go there, check it out - best inspiration ever!

If you've not heard of Bloglovin' you must not be an avid blog reader ... Ahem ... I have been following Bloglovin for nearly three years now - avid...oh YES!  I try to keep up with all my favourite bloggers and posts, however I just noticed that I still have over 1000 unread posts!!! Guess it's time to have a day of feet up reading :-). You thought I was going to say cull???? No way, I couldn't!  All the effort these wonderful bloggers go to sharing their lives and creativity - I thank them all. Now, to schedule a down day... Bliss! 

You can follow Stitch it Now on Bloglovin' to keep up with what's cooking, or sewing - you get the picture.

 <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

 By the way this is just a picture of how my blog looks on Bloglovin - FYI only.

By the way this is just a picture of how my blog looks on Bloglovin - FYI only.


Deb Cameron

I am a stay at home Mum (SAHM). I have two beautiful boys who are now both at school. This crazy idea has been rattling around in my head since my boys were babes and I learnt all about the power and pleasure of 'nap time'. Oh the things I achieved during those two, sometime three, hour afternoon naps. This is my time to share a dream I have with you and maybe make your nap time a creative powerhouse too! A place where it is handmade with love and unique by you - Welcome!