Denim Diva

I know it's naughty but I have been known to call my youngest son XMan a bit of a 'diva'!  Not to his face, No - only in stories to other adults - mainly in reference to his over dramatised behaviour about the smallest things.  

Like bursting into tears because he can't open a lolly (lollies are his world); throwing a tantrum because his favourite Foxtel show isn't on that day; or the time he couldn't sleep until Grandma rang Daddy to find out how to comfort him with his splinter (we were on our first trip away from them 'together' for our 20th wedding anniversary) and when Daddy suggested a bandaid, XMan told Grandma it was not put on right,  removed it to fix it and the splinter came off onto the bandaid - all tears and theatrics ceased immediately; or the time he had a nasty tummy bug and had to be admitted into hospital and given Morphine to manage the pain - four times in four days - his brother (a year older) ended up with the same bug and just lay doubled over with the pain at home.  I know they are all vastly varying degrees of torment - for he and us - I am mindful we all have differing thresholds...

Don't get me wrong - I love him - so soooo much I mean when you see these photos how could you not?  But those of you who have kids...well, I think we all have at least one person in each family who we can say is a bit of a diva, princess or drama queen.  Sure, it's probably not fair to compare at all but when you are on the receiving end of said behaviour more times a day than you have fingers and toes to count them on...well, it is trying.

However, there is nothing like cuddles and loving from this little boy.  He knows just how to pamper his Mummy and loves nothing more than to brush my hair when we awake in the morning and when I read to he and his brother before bed at night.  It is just one of his lovely acts that makes up for any diva-riffic moments during the day :-).

I mention this only because I was unsure about this fabric, it's a bit lairy or is that leery?  When XMan saw it he swooned and threw a diva sized tantrum when I wasn't convinced to buy it.  I gave in!  He couldn't wait to put his order in for long pants.  Even when I finished making them I was unsure.  That was until he put them on and strutted his stuff.  This boy owns lairy!  Funny, I only think of them as lairy for boys, but I think these are perfect for girls.  In my mind I'd hoped to have one of my friends girls model these for me but XMan wouldn't have it - they were to be his and his alone to model too!  

I could see a girl wearing this with a neon coloured pink shirt or even a double denim tunic or jacket, even a classic white shirt, a sun hat and either long beads, a crossover bag or a scarf. And for the boys - a boyish t-shirt paired with a denim vest, or a jumper worn over a long shirt like Xman is wearing here, even a more tailored suit or knit jacket would evoke some Mr Cool.

The fabric is a lovely soft woven navajo print denim cotton.  It is light weight and will definitely suit our Autumn/Spring weather and even mild Winter days here in Australia and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere.  For the Northern Hemisphere climates they are probably best for end of Spring and all Summer long.

The pants feature an elastic back and flat front waist with a faux fly.  The waist should sit at the natural waist - you know how kids put on their shorts/pants/skirt and then yank them down to where they are comfy - that natural waistline!  They  have front and back pockets.  The back pockets are cut on the bias for the diagonal detail and are therefore lined with fabric cut on the straight grain to stop them from warping when you attach them to the garment.  The legs are long and slightly tapered.  They are, as the name suggests, great for running jumping hopping and skipping in.  

I made XMan a straight 4 again in the Run Jump Hop Skip Pants.  XMan is 114cm (44.9") tall, with a waist of 56cm (22") and a hip of 59cm (23.2").  XMan is actually taller than the size 4 being 108cm (42.5"), but his waist is the right size and his hips are smaller than the 4.  He has quite a petite frame, so it is a good size for him, I just turn the hem up once at 1.5cm, rather than doing a second fold of 2.5cm, that covers the fact that he is taller.  Always a good idea to try pants on before hemming them - we all come in different leg lengths. 

These are available as a pre-cut pack in the Stitch it Now Etsy shop.  There is heaps of information in the details of the item to assist in picking the right size, and if you are still unsure, be sure to drop me a conversation on Etsy - I love to help!

We had so much fun taking these photos.  The boys found the bubble guns and had a great time bubble blasting each other.  I'm glad to say that I've never outgrown my love of bubbles, I hope they never do either!  Their giggles are stored in my memory for a lifetime to come. 


Deb Cameron

I am a stay at home Mum (SAHM). I have two beautiful boys who are now both at school. This crazy idea has been rattling around in my head since my boys were babes and I learnt all about the power and pleasure of 'nap time'. Oh the things I achieved during those two, sometime three, hour afternoon naps. This is my time to share a dream I have with you and maybe make your nap time a creative powerhouse too! A place where it is handmade with love and unique by you - Welcome!