Camo Capers

My boys have a thing for camo pants.  In fact, I have a picture on the fridge they have drawn requesting I sew camoulfage pants, shirts, hats and bags.  I get asked every couple of days if they are finished yet, I feel like I'm being drilled for why I'm not coming up to scratch LOL.  They are like little generals!  Lucky they are cute!

MrT, my oldest boy at six, was so so happy when he came home to find these almost finished.  The first question was 'Where is my shirt?' as he paraded around in them... wow, the never ending need for the 'now' gratification.

These are made from the same pattern as the denim shorts using my Run Jump Hop Skip pattern.  They are just the pants version.  The only deviation from the basic pattern is adding the netting over the back pockets.  My son loves this, so much so, he told me straight away it was what he would be wearing to his Grade 2 school disco.  You know it's a success when they can't wait to show them off to their friends, who you would think as boys wouldn't care - but they do!  Boys are so much more fashion conscious these days.

I know I'm biased but I do think he looks rather gorgeous in these.  He is a tall long legged boy for a six year old, standing at 128cm (50.5"), with a waist of 60cm (23.6") and a hip of 63cm (24.6"), he fits the size 8 perfectly...and will be in a size 10 before I know it.    

If you would like to purchase your very own pre-cut camoulfage pants pack with those very cool net pocket details then head on over to the Stitch it Now Esty shop to grab a pair.  The listing has heaps of tips on selecting a size too.  The pre-cut pack comes with:

  • All the pant fabric pieces cut and numbered ready to sew.  
  • Garment notions to finish the pants being - elastic, back pocket netting and bias binding.
  • Care instructions for your fabric.
  • And PDF sewing instructions that will be emailed to you within 24 hours of payment.  They include a Tick and Flick Overview sheet and a detailed photo instruction guide.  

When your package arrives all you need to do is make a cuppa, read through your instructions, turn on your machine, select a matching thread, grab your general sewing tools and get sewing!  You'll have a finished pair of pants in no time.

I'll leave you with one last photo - my boys just before leaving for their school disco.  They are in Grade 1 and 2 and are still super keen to attend.  They rocked it!  MrT wore his hat all night and spent the entire time dancing with the girls right up the front - I was seriously amazed at his staying power.  Our XMan attends dancing and acrobatics after school and he was certainly pulling some moves on the dance floor.  Raising some gorgeous looking groovers in our house.


Deb Cameron

I am a stay at home Mum (SAHM). I have two beautiful boys who are now both at school. This crazy idea has been rattling around in my head since my boys were babes and I learnt all about the power and pleasure of 'nap time'. Oh the things I achieved during those two, sometime three, hour afternoon naps. This is my time to share a dream I have with you and maybe make your nap time a creative powerhouse too! A place where it is handmade with love and unique by you - Welcome!