Scooters and Zebras

I have been sewing up a storm for Kids Clothing Week this week, I cut most things out prior to the Monday start date.  There were a few things that just needed hems or new elastic so I added them to the pile too.  The boys were on holidays but were keen to head off to the YMCA school vacation care program for two days - so I got in TWO WHOLE days of just sewing!!!  Happy dance!  Amazing what you can achieve when you don't allow anything else to take priority.  

I'm thankful to Meg Freeman of the blog Elsie Marley, and Dorie Schwarz of Tumbling Blocks for their insight into getting us off the couch after dinner and into our sewing rooms.  Kids Clothing Week (KCW) is a whole week, seven days, of sewing for your kids for (at least) one hour a day.  I can justify my holing up in my sewing cave, with only little twinges of guilt...little teeny tiny ones...  I also spent most nights staying up waaaaay too late sewing.  Aaaah bliss!

If you are keen to see what I have been sewing you can visit my profile over at the Kids Clothing Week Community site, I highly recommend sticking around to explore what all the other talented sewists have been sewing.  If you sew, you will be inspired, these people are insanely creative and talented.  Every time I go explore the project pool I come away with more ideas and patterns added to my Pinterest list, mainly for boys, as that's the kids I have at our house.

I will take the time over the next week or two to blog about what I sewed up for KCW.  However, I had to blog about these last two sews before adding them to the KCW project pool.  These are my favourite's from the week.


I have a soft spot for Etsuko Furuya's Echino fabrics, this lady is a talent, so I couldn't resist this scooter fabric.  I only had a remnant size of the green and managed to squeeze enough out for full scooters on each leg.  And I wasn't sure about using the matching stripes, which comes as a border strip on the same fabric, for the pockets but I'm so glad I did.  I just love the pop of colour on the black.  This fabric is 45% cotton and 55% linen.  It is great for clothing as it doesn't crease quite as much as linen does and it's gets softer the more it is washed and worn. I paired it with straight black linen and they do look Fancy Schmancy on my six year old MrT.  He approved and wanted to wear them all day!  The good news is that I have sourced more of this fabric and will be offering these as a pre-cut pack shortly.

I made these using the Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts pattern that I use for the pre-cut packs.  I just chopped a section off the bottom and then traced the front and back leg portion together to make one piece, so I didn't have a join down the leg.  I really didn't want to have to cut those scooters in half.  I had to smooth out the seam a little but it worked fine.  I cut a size 8 and just for reference MrT stands at 128cm (50.5"), with a waist of 60cm (23.6") and a hip of 63cm (24.6").   

Oh and yes, I made the stripey t-shirt too, you can see more of it over at my KCW profile.  It's in the final stages of pattern development and will be the second pre-cut pack pattern to be added to the Stitch it Now Etsy shop... soon.  Good news too is that I will be selling the pattern in coming months!  So much going on in the background here!  

This is the Zebra!  I LOVE these too.  I mean what's not to love about bright yellow and zebras?  They scream Summer, so it's a shame we are in Autumn here in the land of OZ heading into Winter!  Mind you we are still being plagued by summer season cyclones, ITA has just crossed the coast and is making its way down our Eastern Queensland coast, so it is hot, wet and muggy and we are still dressing as though it is Summer.


I used Carolyn Friedlander, Architextures Cross Shading in Black as the base for the shorts and matched it with Creative Thursday's Zaza Zoo Zebra March in yellow.  I purchased the fabrics from Fabricworm, they have a great selection of fabrics for kids clothing.  I love those triangle pockets and as I show above, they are real pockets for adding all their little treasures.  And for those with discerning eyes, yes I forgot to put my buttons on the pockets before taking the photos!  At least you can see my lovely button holes that I have finally perfected, after yeeeeaarrs of avoidance, silly really.

These are a variation to my basic short block and yes I'm in the process of drafting these up as a pre-cut pack and pattern.  I will be making a pre-cut pack available for these in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eye out if you are keen to make a pair up where the sourcing, pattern decision and cutting are all done for you.

These were made in a size four.  XMan is 113cm (44.5") tall with a waist of 56cm (22") and hip of 60cm (23.6").  


My boys are great little models and are so much fun.  They really do make my heart sing.  They made me participate in the photos and each had a turn with the camera.  XMan found this shark hat and had a lot of fun pretending to be a 'Zebra Shark', got to love his imagination.  So I couldn't resist making the below photo with some fun apps on my iPhone.

Since it was a beautiful day after our fun photoshoot and we were on a bit of a nautical theme we headed to our favourite beach for some R&R and frivolity.  We are on school holidays after all.

Go check out more of what I've been sewing at my KCW profile and see what everyone else has been up to over at KCW.



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