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I asked my son what fabric he would like a new pair of shorts from?  I had all these lovely prints and textures out and he said 'I really need a new pair of denim ones Mum.  Stretchy soft ones that I can do cartwheels in'!  Right.  Trust boys to be so practical.

To be honest I was surprised!  Really surprised.  If you know my youngest son, he is not at all your basic staples kind of boy, he is rather like a preening peacock full of colour and flamboyance, he usually demands I buy him sequins or sparkles if I can get him anywhere near the fabric shop.  Even at almost six years of age these are XMan's favourites, still!  XMan?  Well his name starts with an X and that's his nickname, you'll get to know him as that here.  

 That's him on the left with his serious poser face on.

That's him on the left with his serious poser face on.

To be honest XMan has only ever had two pair of denim shorts.  A licenced Pooh Bear pair we were given that he grew out of way too fast; and a pair of stretch denim ones I made for him out of a really cool repurposed striped denim skirt, found in an op shop.  That stretch pair lasted him three years, they just kept growing around him with the stretch.  Sure they got shorter, but they were below his knees to start with.  They fell apart before he outgrew them.  In fact most of the wear was on the back pockets, so I just kept zig zagging over the holes and he'd get another wear out of them.  The things we do!

After making this new pair up I thought, these are such a great basic, the sort of short they reach for over and over again.  So, I've been working on having these drafted up so I can share them with you. So you can make your child their own pair of denim shorts to 'Run Jump Hop Skip' in, or do cart wheels, whatever they wish.


So, without further ado this is the release of our newest pre-cut pack.  These shorts are made for boys and girls to live in!  Girls could definitely wear these too, however this pack is specific for boys.  That said, if you wanted to make them for a girl you could shorten them a little; curve the pockets a bit; add some girly embellishment or bling to the pockets; and even use pink or red thread.  Really, the only limitation is your own imagination.  

They feature:

  • A snug below the natural waist fit, relaxing into the hip and leg, allowing for plenty of movement without shorts falling down – they stay put.
  • Front and back pockets.
  • Fold over elastic waist with a flat front and elastic back.  Quicker to make and less pieces to fuss with.
  • A faux fly, because what child wants to fiddle with a real fly? 
  • An easy sew - the pockets and faux fly are a bit fiddly but easy if you follow the step by step guide.  It is marked intermediate due to the use of Stretch Denim, however sewing tips for this fabric type are included.
  • Sizing range is from 1-10 and is based on the Australian Sizing Standards.
  • Seam allowances are 1cm (3/8”) and sewing markers are included – pocket, faux fly, hem and waist fold markers.

They are hand cut by me and made unique by you as they are sewn.  Visit the Stitch it Now Etsy shop to place your order.  When ordering read the details as I provide plenty of tips on how to choose a size.  That said given these are made in a stretch woven denim, pick a size closest to your child's as the denim gives a more relaxed fit.  The bonus is that these shorts will last them a little longer, expanding as they grow.  


The PDF Sewing instructions will be emailed to you once your purchase/payment clears so you'll have some time to get familiar with the instructions while you wait for your project to turn up.  The custom pre-cut pack takes me approximately 1-3 days to cut, pending the number of orders, and will be mailed to your door, ready to sew up for your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces or even your child's best friend.   Then when it arrives you'll be ready to make a cuppa and get sewing!  


Over the next few posts I'll talk about some of the detail like:

  • How I mark the fabric ready for you to sew
  • Some hints and tips I have up my sleeve to make sewing a little easier and faster
  • Fabric know how talk

What's your favourite basic to sew your children? Or are they like my youngest and generally demand luxury items for every day wear?


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