I have been doing quite a bit of sewing at my place, I should be finishing my second pattern, but but there have been so many wonderful patterns released by my Pattern Workshop class mates that my eyes and stitchy fingers have been wandering elsewhere...

 Original photo of Threading Rainbows

Original photo of Threading Rainbows

As a result I have been doing a bit more testing and I've decided I like it!   It's fun!!  You get to meet so many wonderful ladies (yet to meet a man on a test - so apologies for the possibly sexist remark if you are a man and you do sew!) who have like minds - we'd rather be sewing than pretty much doing anything else!  The tests I've been participating in are all run through private Facebook pages, so we can all discuss and share photos as we go.  I love it!  And if you are stuck, you can ask and anyone with the knowledge responds.  I love being a part of these communities.  

The pattern I'm going to introduce you to today is by the lovely Jaala of Threading Rainbows.  Jaala is a Queensland girl too - love that we share something else in common.  So, she fully understands the heat of the Australian Summer...which is well on it's way.  Jaala's first ever pattern is due to be released in the lovely One Thimble magazine on the 14th November.  If you haven't come across One Thimble yet...well go read about it!  If you like to sew then you'll love what Jen of One Thimble has put together - an inspiring sewing e-magazine.  I found out when I started doing my homework that the creator of One Thimble, Jen, is also in Queensland!! So much creativity on this lovely little - well, large - island of Australia.

Anyways, enough rambling.  The Scrappies pattern is called that as you get to use up all your hoarded favourite scraps!  However, that said, the pairs I'm going to show you today were my initial trial versions and instead of using up scraps I kept the side panels whole.   So WHAT are Scrappies?  They are a unisex lounge pant for boys and girls.  They are fun, funky and functional.  You can make them in short, capri or pants length, with an inset leg panel and a soft knit waistband.  Seriously, my boys love them because they are comfy and soft on thier little tums.

 One of Threading Rainbow's personal versions.

One of Threading Rainbow's personal versions.

With the inset leg piece you'r imagination is your only limit.  You can keep it the same as the rest of the short, use a coordinating or clashing colour or print, or use up your scraps in an all over random or pieced patched inset!  You could use bias binding, lace, trim, ribbons, doilies, etc - if you can sew it and wash it ... anything goes!

This first pair I made was for my big boy and he does not do cutesy anymore.  He will wear camo everything, if I let him.  We both love this fabric it's a soft cotton drill.  

I made MrT a size 9 and they fit perfectly.  MrT is seven years of age and is 134cm tall.  He has a waist of 61cm and a hip of 66cm.  So he was all over the place on the size chart.  He was basically a size 7 in the hip, an 8 for height and almost a 10 for the waist.  So, I made a size 9 for his height (to make sure the crotch would be long enough) and because I know he has a cherry butt and he usually needs a bit more room in the bottom, even though his hip is small.  I also used the size 10 knit waistband piece to fit around his larger sized waist.  They fit him PERFECTLY!

Our favourite part of this version of Scrappies are the deep pockets that MrT told me he just had to have, to carry his treasures in.  I just traced half the side inset at an angle and then cut the same size layer of mesh fabric.  I lay the mesh over the pocket for the inset and joined the top sections together with simple bias binding.  I then lay the pocket/mesh section wrong side over the inset's right side and tacked them together - walah - once the inset was sewn in...a simple pocket was revealed.  The only thing with doing it this way is that the bottom hem was a little more bulky than normal.  However, as the material is quite soft, they don't sit or look funny.

These have pretty much been his favourite shorts since I made them nearly a month ago, they are on high rotation through the wash.  He told me they are 'super duper comfortable' and hey, they look pretty smart too.  They're also super quick to sew. So win win all round!

My second trial version were for my little skinny minny XMan.  He is only 12 months younger than MrT yet he's sizes smaller.  XMan is 120cm tall, with a waist of 55cm, and a hip of 60cm.  So he sqaurely sat between a size 4 and six.  So I made him the 5... again - perfect!

I can always tell a pattern at my house is a success when the boys are pulling them out of the washing basket before it even makes it up stairs to wear again.  These shorts have been in high rotation.  He's been wearing them everywhere!  

And I have to mention the fabric.  I made these in a black linen and the insert panels with a gorgeous linen/cotton Echino fabric.  We all love little cars printed on fabric!  The waistband is a striped cotton/lycra knit. 

Can't wait to share my next version with you...but you'll have to come back.  Planning on telling you all about them when Scrappies are available for purchase as part of the One Thimble release on Friday, 14 November...only TWO days to go!  I can't wait.

If you want to read more about Scrappies and see some awesome Tester versions, go visit Threading Rainbow's blog post here

Happy Sewing!


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