Deb Cameron

Stitch it Now is a concept I have been dreaming up ever since my two boys were in nappies.  I was a new Mum, who ended up having her second boy just 12months after the first!  Eeek, not planned, I assure you.  I loved to sew and was itching to sew up all the cutest baby and toddler clothes I could.  However, I was time poor and lacked the ability on most days to go further than the local grocery shop.  When they got bigger, taking them to the fabric shop was a nightmare, so I was relegated to weekend shops where I would bolt down there and run around in a mad frenzy picking up what I needed to sew before my husband might notice I'd been missing for too long - you know how it goes?  Generally, I'd forget something, which was most annoying and would hold up revealing a finished item. 

So, I thought, there must be other people out there who when they have time to sew just want to sit down and get on with sewing, completing a garment quickly - how rewarding that would be!  So here is my solution for all you time poor sewists with children who prefer to not have to shop or cut out - because I've been told you are out there - a pre-packed pre-cut package, complete with required garment notions so you can open the pack, choose a matching sewing thread and start sewing! 

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Happy Sewing

Deb Cameron